• Avan vs jayco

    Avan vs jayco

    We purchased our Avan ovation m3 in and had nothing but trouble with it from the start,the batteries was wired up wrong so no power toilet didn't work,the floor covering started lifting,the battery charger packed in after a month,believe me Avan was no help at all,I would never buy another Avan no matter what model. We have a M5 lowline motorhome, we are very happy with it. We did have a problem with the electric bed, Pakenham lock tighted the grub screw and have had no more trouble. Love the layout of it.

    Always had excellent service from Pakenham. The Fiat Ducato 3L is great to drive love it. I have had my M5c for a couple of months now and must say it's a great van, however a couple of very annoying items that should be looked at. The T. Hopefully Avan will rectifi these problems. My new motor home purchased in April it has just completed kms on basically straight roads across to the west and back.

    So arranged to have the tyres rotated at my local tyres store. The tyre store manager started looking into replacement tyres etc. The current tyres only have a Load Rating of they are the Camping type tyre that should be used on motorhomes. Has anyone come across this if so have you change to a higher rating tyre and what brand. Waiting on Fiat in Melbourne for an explanation. Would like to share our findings after three years of owning the Avan C class M3 June The Fiat front wheel drive engine is superb and does not lack power at anytime, in cruise control on the open road or driving it manually around winding roads in Victoria,Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland.

    The Service received by Avan at Pakenham has never been lacking in good advice and support. Ian, John, Jeff Jnr and Snr and the office staff have always been understanding and helpful at all times. This has contributed to our total enjoyment with our Avan motorhome. Thank you Avan Pakenham, Stella and Derek. Very happy with this motorhome. Only little problems but easily fixed.

    The only thing wrong with the Avan Ovations is that it has no security door but that has been rectified.

    Avan 600 Series Hardtop

    It makes you feel a little bit safer. Safety switch burnt out tried avan no one was answering phones had to get it repaired in port hedland Wa when i sent the bill to avan they will not refund money for repairs as i did not get go ahead from them to get it repaired.

    The second time out after doing a kms the strUt broke and we had a job to push it back in. We contacted the Queensland Burpengary repairs to tell them and they said that it was user error.

    avan vs jayco

    We had sent them all the pictures of the broken piece and they said that they did not have that particular piece in the country and it would take a long time to bring it into the country to mend our awning but if we went through the Insurance company they would fit a new awning straight away to the s Read more.

    Bought new M5.

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    Dec Been motorhoming 24 years. Mark always helpful. Mark listened and open to try options suggested by us when others were negative about our ideas. Satisfied customer.The reduction in weight comes down to our market-leading hot-dipped galvanised Endurance 2. Showcasing the new generation of Jayco chassis with JTech 2. JTech 2.

    The new, lightweight, Australian engineered and manufactured JTech 2. Outdoor living is at the heart of the CrossTrak, with the outdoor kitchen featuring a 2-burner gas cooktop, stainless steel sink, overhead storage, towel rail and plenty of bench-space.

    Alongside the concealable kitchen is a litre boot with a slide out 55litre portable 12V fridge. You may be off-road, but you can stay in touch with your social networks, with technology features including USB charging ports. Entertain your family and friends with Furrion bluetooth speaker dock. Plus download the new JHub phone app to monitor water and battery levels from one intuitive app on your phone.

    Must be within Bluetooth range. The rear hatch opens upwards to reveal the outdoor ensuite, complete with drop-down privacy tent and shower, with the option for a portable toilet. Ontop the rear hatch is also a W flexi solar panel for charging your AMP battery.

    Jayco allow an amount of additional weight Carrying load for each individual unit in addition to the Tare Weight. The towball and tare weight is only a guide and will change depending on accessories which are fitted to your van. It is advisable to discuss with your Jayco representative.

    Best Jayco Caravans

    For model pricing and features please see your Jayco Dealer. Drive away price is inclusive of all on road costs. Additional weight tax may apply for NSW registered vehicles. For a more effortless and secure experience on our site, please consider updating your browser. Nav Menu. Sell your Jayco View The Range. Find Your Jayco Expanda. J-pod All-Terrain. JTrak Toy Haulers.

    avan vs jayco

    Camper Trailers Campervan. Pop Tops Motorhomes. CrossTrak Leisure Homes. Find A Dealer. Approved Used Models. Find a Dealer Latest News. JTECH 2. External kitchen Outdoor living is at the heart of the CrossTrak, with the outdoor kitchen featuring a 2-burner gas cooktop, stainless steel sink, overhead storage, towel rail and plenty of bench-space. Leading technology You may be off-road, but you can stay in touch with your social networks, with technology features including USB charging ports.

    avan vs jayco

    Powered by.We weight up the considerations in the age-old debate: Caravan or Camper Trailer? Some caravan owners might just chock the wheels, drop the jack stands and be cooking dinner within minutes, while others will have awnings, annexes, power, toilet cassettes and kids to organise before they can relax.

    The choice is yours. Unable to display Facebook posts.

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    Connect With Us :. Without A Hitch is the place you can turn to for up-to-date information, practical advice, "how to" guides and handy tips for your caravan, trailer and anything else worth towing. To receive regular towing hints, tips sign up to our newsletter today! Without A Hitch is the place you can turn to for up-do-date information Toggle navigation. Caravan How To Products Reviews.

    Trailer How To Products Reviews. Boats How To Products Reviews. Travel How To Products Reviews. Caravan 23 September Share this story. Why choose a camper trailer? Lower mass: a typical camper will weigh between kilograms; much less than the average caravan.

    This ensures that they are generally easier to handle on the road and, of course, that they can offer better fuel-efficiency than caravans do.


    Lower profile: further aiding fuel-efficiency, the lower profile of a camper trailer means they offer much less wind resistance. Some manufacturers even offer fold-out boat racks designed to carry and deploy small boats. Camper trailers offer a great balance between function and space-efficiency.Latest review: Bought the Aspire hardtop new from Avan Penrith. The buying process was without hassles or pressure from the salesperson.

    The caravan was delivered on the date promised and a full in-depth walk. This was also. Latest review: We had the problem of the smelly battery, woke one morning and the van was filled with acrid fumes, found the battery under the bed almost melted and sizzling. Contacted a battery specialist who said.

    Latest review: We bought a 2nd hand year old AVan Jensen model and love it. Great layout. All caravans need maintenance along the way but our is minimal compared to the European Adria we had. Latest review: Great design. Love the bath room but some cheap fittings let it down, roof lockdowns plated only and rust quickly. Large window fly screen comes out in the breese allowing insects in.

    The lower. Great compromise when compared to other smaller and larger. Latest review: Bought a new Avan Ray early this year with extras- - and have just finished its first major trip over the Nullarbor and back, some 9, k's.

    I did add Purple Line movers and love them for. Go to first result. A'van Clear all. Review Summary Specifications Comfort. Tare Weight 1, kg to 1, kg Travel Length 5. Tare Weight kg Travel Length 4. Tare Weight kg Travel Length 5. Review Summary Comfort.Choose your suspension carefully and you should achieve both.

    Upgrading can give your van a new lease on life. The project is really two parts: fitting the suspension and axles, then organising paperwork, getting a new VIN or modification plate, and legally registering it. But for those leaf advocates, upgrading a leaf system by swapping springs or increasing the number of leaves is relatively easy and very quick. The move from a leaf setup to independent suspension will not only increase load-carrying capacity often from an ATM of kgs to kgit will also offer better ride and handling.

    A new spring is likely to raise the ride height of the vehicle slightly, so take into account the drape length of your annex, as raising the rig will create a gap between the ground and the bottom of the canvas. Raising the ATM also brings up a few issues due to the legal requirements.

    You need proof that your drawbar will be suitable at the new ATM. Your state authority will also need to be informed and their requirements should be confirmed before you start the project. You will need to check whether the brakes or safety chains need to be changed, particularly if the new ATM takes you into a different category.

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    If you are making your rig suitable for offroad, you will need an all-terrain coupling such as the Hitchmaster DO If you want a more major change, say from a traditional leaf and axle setup to a coil or air independent, then a bit more planning will need to be done.

    Upgrading to a non-load-sharing independent suspension from a load-sharing leaf will require the wheels and tyres to be checked for the additional 20 per cent load carrying capacity required by law.

    Other things to consider will be how the new system will affect the wheel arch design. If you are replacing the existing wheels and tyres with bigger ones, you will need to take this into account.

    If you need to perform any welding on the chassis, check the routings of electrical wiring and hoses to make sure these will not be damaged. You might have to move the water tanks so check that the drawbar load will not be adversely affected by this change. Upgrading to an independent suspension can be done in one of two ways. The first is a cut and shut method where the suspension is directly welded to the old chassis. This may require fitting new cross rails and shock absorber mounts.

    With the increasing popularity of independent suspensions, we are performing more and more retrofits. Some of these are on older units and some are on brand new vans.Contents 1 Why are there different bearings? The terms Standard bearings or Holden bearings are the same thing. The terms Slimline bearings and Ford bearings are also interchangeable. The simple way to identify your bearings is from the code printed on the bearing itself. Above: If possible, identify your bearing by the number on the cone.

    A bearing KIT will include all parts shown for one wheel. Having trouble reading the bearing number? See where to measure your existing axle to identify which bearing kit will fit. The popular ones are shown below with diagrams.

    Why are there different bearings? The requirement for different bearings is due to different load carrying capacity. The more weight to be carried means a thicker axle and larger diameter bearings. A bearing kit will contain all components required for one wheel.

    Avan Cruiseliner Adventure Plus 2018 review

    A bearing comprises of two parts; the cup which is pressed into the hub and also the cone that contains the rollers. The grease seal and inner bearings go on the inside toward the centre of the trailer or caravan. The hubs can be either non-braked or braked and can be used with either the Ford, Holden, or other bearing kits.

    Quality can vary between brands. At Caravans Plus you can be assured we only sell quality bearings. The relativly small price difference can in no way compensate for the problems of a failed bearing. We also sell some individual components as it is recommended to replace a seal after re-greasing. Holden Bearings Holden bearings are rated for kg for each pair of wheels axle.

    The 39mm round section and 40mm square section solid steel axles are manufactured to suit the Holden bearings that sit on the If you cannot read the bearing number, you can check the internal diameter of your existing bearing.

    The same size spindle may be used on offset axles and independent suspension systems. Above: This diagram shows a spindle, a brake hub, and the components for a Holden bearing kit.What will be best for your family?

    avan vs jayco

    My best piece of advice is that; nothing you travel in will fit every need you have. All choices have their own pros and cons, and it really comes down to what features and benefits are most important to you.

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    The biggest benefit of soft floor campers is that they are generally the most economic choice of camper trailer. For families, they are often a good step up from a tent, and allow parents to have a ready made bed, with some styles like the Trak Shak folding sideways to include 2 double sized beds. Hard floor camper trailers provide the benefit of being up off the ground with the ease of a soft floor camper. Cub Campers are a great example of hard floor camper trailers. They are generally a little bit more expensive than soft floors, but have a few extra options and possibilities.

    Many hard floor camper trailers are forward flipping, and do give the benefit of the fold down floor being up off the ground a bit.

    We originally chose to travel in a hybrid style camper, a Jayco Swan. This option is generally more expensive, with fewer brand options available. Another benefit is being able to camp in areas where tents and camper trailers are not allowed. Options such as air conditioning can also be added to hybrid campers, as well as hot water services, and a variety of bed setups. Pro for Camper Trailers: Cheaper option, generally more suitable for off-road travel, lighter to tow, easier to tow.

    Caravans are probably the most common choice for people wanting to travel Australia, of any age. But, where choosing a caravan might seem like a straight forward task, there are so many variables and options available that it can be really overwhelming.

    Budget is a huge consideration for any family wanting to travel. There can be mixed opinions on buying new vs second hand when it comes to caravans. Off-road vans generally sit higher than on-road versions and may come with extras that toughen them up. There are definitely benefits, but we carry a tent with us for really remote camping, and if we had to choose between an on-road van or not going at all because funding an off-road van was impossible, then give me an on-road van any day.

    Pros for Caravans to travel Australia: Ease and speed, safety and comfort, are some of the biggest pros to travelling Australia with a caravan. Caravans are as easy as pulling up into your campsite and opening the door to step inside. This is a big bonus for saving time on holidays, overnight stops are quick and easy, and moving from one site to another is easier too compared to tents or campers. Safety is increased in a caravan, purely because of the increased ability to lock the doors and windows.

    While some vans such as expandas and rapids do have beds with canvas, a majority of vans have solid walls making break and entering more difficult. Comfort may just be the biggest plus for caravan travel.

    Jayco Adventurer: 2017 Review

    Cons for Caravan travel in Australia: The size and weight of caravans can be prohibitive to some travel, especially in tight spaces, busy areas and driving in windy or hilly conditions. The size of your caravan will also be determined by the tow capacity of your vehicle and the bigger the van, the bigger your fuel bill will likely be.

    Yearly registration fees can be more expensive for caravans as can insurance premiums.


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